Tent City at PSC


Photo By: Caden Walters

By  Dalton Minnigh, Staff Writer

Bringing awareness to students of different cultures, genders, ethnicities and sexual orientations — that’s what diversity week is about.

Jason Ottley hosted a week to celebrate diversity and the achievements of diverse groups. “I feel we should celebrate diversity every day,” said Ottley. This statement reflects his determination to bring diverse groups together and help them understand one another.

From Oct. 10-14 students experienced a variety of events. One of the events included tent city, where students took part in an Appalachian-themed campout. For two days, students could sleep inside tents on the Quad, experience Appalachian food (including s’mores) and learned how to make a campfire.

Students could also get hair cuts, participate in panel discussions, hear presentations, and play in a basketball game.

Four journalism students, Ali Barrett, Molly Browning, Cody Brazil and Alyssa Murray, produced a video that concentrates on diverse dialects of PSC students. They asked students about words that were unique to their hometown. The video uncovers the similarity between students regardless of the unique twist in the words they say.

Ottley’s intentions were to enlighten students about diversity and how students should accept one another with different backgrounds.