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Take me out to the ballgame. Potomac State College baseball team is wrapping up this season with just three more games left.

Out of the 40 games played this season so far, the team has won 26. They have had 23 home runs, 1187 at bats, 266 runs, 359 hits, 80 doubles, seven triples and 221 strikeouts. The team’s batting average is .302. Their on-base percentage is .394 and their slugging percentage is .440.

Tanner Lambert, number 44, said this past season has gone well. “Looking back at where we came from, we have made big strides as a team and are currently playing the best we have all season,” Lambert said.

Lambert believes the team is competitive with Harford Community College. Harford is considered to have one of the top baseball teams in the country and went to the Junior College World Series last year. “Two weekends ago we split our doubleheader with them; proving that we can compete with some of the top teams in the country,” Lambert said. Both PSC and Harford are in Region 20.

The baseball team practices six days out of the week.

Women’s Lacrosse Wrap-Up


The PSC Women’s Lacrosse team had 5 games this season. They had one win and four losses. Their win was 19-17 against the College of Southern Maryland. They made a total of 28 goals over the course of the season. The girls made an average of 5.6 goals per game and a 4.6 average shots per game. Their shooting percentage is 121.7%. They had two assists and eight turnovers.

PSC Softball Team Prepares For Season

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Do you have your bat and glove ready? The ladies of Potomac State College’s softball team sure do.

After completing last season 32-9 and making it to the National Championships for the second straight season, the Catamounts are ready to take on the 2017 year.

Carly Nixon, number 22, can’t wait to start one of her favorite sports. “I feel that this is one of the better teams that I have played on, so I’m looking forward to see what we have to offer and how far we go,” Nixon said.

PSC takes on Chesapeake College on April 7 for a home event you do not want to miss. “Our best game last year was against them and that advanced us to the regional championship,” Nixon said.

The girls are currently practicing Monday through Friday and occasionally on Saturday to prepare. Their first game is scheduled for March 6 in Myrtle Beach. As of right now, their last game is set for April 23 at Lakeland Community College.

Student Brings Downhill Skateboarding to PSC

With cigarette in mouth, Brandon Pringle patiently waits for cars to clear at the top of a local hill. His curly black hair is pushed back, replaced by his full-faced helmet. Four yellow wheels finally meet the pavement; Pringle sets his feet. Zoom. Like a kid going down a jungle gym slide, Pringle seemed to be overwhelmed by joy, never acknowledging the ever-present danger of falling.

Pringle, a student at Potomac State College, has an unusual way of entertaining himself in this small mountain town –longboarding.

“A longboard is essentially a skateboard but larger and built for stability,” Pringle said.

Pringle races down hills at upwards of 50 miles an hour, geared with a helmet, gloves, and pads on top of his longboard. To most this would not be a good idea; however, Pringle can’t help himself.

“I am out there whenever I can be. Everyday problems disappear for the time I share with the road,” said Pringle after returning up the hill.

Pringle explained that he understood the dangers of his sport, just as a football player would understand the dangers of concussions.

“Never trade the thrills of living for the security of existence,” Pringle said.

Those “thrills of living” would be described by police as “obstructing traffic.” A $200 traffic ticket is issued to skaters.

“Those of us just having a good time usually get left alone; it’s the ones running stop signs and skitching on the back of moving cars that find a ticket,” Pringle said.

However, tickets don’t seem to be stopping Pringle from skating down hills, especially the one by the police station–his personal favorite.

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PSC Volleyball Team Wins Region Title and Travels to Nationals for the First Time in School History

The Potomac State College Volleyball Team has had an amazing 2016 season.

After ending their regular season with 19 wins and six losses, the Lady Cats traveled to Hagerstown, Maryland where they won the Region XX championship in a 3-0 win against Garret College. The Championship win was the first in PSC volleyball history.

The team then traveled to Charleston, West Virginia to play in the NJCAA DII National Tournament on Nov. 17. The Lady Cats, ranked number 15, lost their opening game in the tournament 3-0 against number 2, Owens Community College of Perrysburg, Ohio.

On Nov. 18 the team played again in a 3-0 loss against Johnson County Community College of Overland Park, Kansas.

The PSC Volleyball Team will return home to start work on next year’s season. They end the 2016 season with a record of 20 wins and eight losses.

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View more photos of the Lady Cats on the PSC Flickr page.

Volleyball Team has It Figured Out

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By Kaylee Lambert, Staff Writer

UPDATE:  PSC Volleyball team is headed to Nationals!

Potomac State volleyball has it all figured out this season, and their statistics  prove it.

PSC volleyball continues their season with a 17-4 record, which is a .810 winning percentage.

The team consists of 13 players, all in either their freshman or sophomore year at PSC. Each individual player brings something valuable to the team, as they each balance each other out on the court with their strengths and weaknesses.

The team has an overall 11.08 number of kills per set, while sophomore Shayla Hillian tops the list with a total of 148 over the season. Sophomore Anya Murray comes in second with a total of 140 sets, and freshman Erika Gordon comes in third with a total of 120.

Assists per set comes in at 9.80, while freshman Bailey Godlove tops the list with a whopping total of 547, and freshman Noelle Snedon comes behind with a total of 39.

Digs per set comes in at 16.05, as freshman Makaleigh Roberts sets the bar high with 246. Freshman Ericka Gordon comes in second with a total of 162, and behind her is sophomore Sarah Lowery with 140 digs so far in the season.

Sophomore Anya Murray recalls her most memorable game this season against Catawba Valley Community College on Sept. 17.

“It was our most difficult competition so far this season, they beat us but it was a fun and exciting match,” Murray exclaims. “We put up a great fight, and I think we could have beaten them if all of our players were with us – we were missing four.” Murray also recalls their warm-up playlist as being “pretty awesome.”

The team has a “home court advantage” as they have won all seven games they’ve held at Lough Gymnasium this season. But, don’t doubt them at away games either since they have only lost one of the six total.

Teamwork plays a major role in the chemistry these girls have on the court, freshman Bailey Godlove says it’s a key component in their all-or-nothing strategy. “My team has a lot of potential behind it on the court,” Godlove says. “I feel like when the time comes we can all really come together and make it happen.”

PSC volleyball continues their season Oct. 22, in Wilmington, North Carolina against Cape Fear Community College (14-6), and Spartanburg Methodist (15-9) in a duel-game event.

You can catch them again as the Catamounts face off against the Seahawks (9-10).

Come out and support them at their next home game against Cecil College on Oct. 26, in Lough Gymnasium.

Volleyball at Potomac State

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The Potomac State Volleyball Team has four matches left in their season of 16 wins and four losses.

The team will finish the season playing two home matches, one on Oct. 26 against Cecil College at 6 p.m. and the other on Oct. 28 against Garrett College at 6 p.m.

To stay updated as the Catamounts finish their season read The Pasquino online.