Business Owners and College Freshmen

These two words don’t normally describe the same person but in the case of two 18-year-old Potomac State College freshmen, they fit perfectly together. Cameron Dyson is dual majoring in chemistry and business, while Tanner Oaks is a biology major. If future plans of being accepted into medical school wasn’t stressful enough, the couple owns their own photography business, Milestone Studios Photography.

How It Started:

Five or six years ago, Cameron started taking pictures of her little sister. As time passed, she started to become more interested in makeup and would do small photoshoots with her friends, just for fun. Last year while looking through some of her old photos; she realized photography was something she enjoyed and was good at. It was at this point that she decided to quit her part time job waitressing and start pursuing her own business with Tanner. He had previous experience professionally editing videos, so it made sense for them to work together. Tanner said, “I edited videos for years, so I thought pictures would be a piece of cake.” The business officially launched in October 2015, part way into their freshman year.




School and Work:

Balancing a business and a college education isn’t easy for these two entrepreneurs. Cameron said, “That is the most difficult thing about what we do! We always put school first. Tanner and I are both extremely set on getting into medical school once we finish up our 4-year degrees. The great thing about college is that our professors give us a syllabus at the beginning of the semester that has every assignment and test already scheduled. If it weren’t for that, balancing work and school would be so much more difficult! Having school scheduled for us allows us to plan ahead.”

Since the business didn’t take off until a few months into their freshman year, they didn’t know the exact balance between the two. Remembering the past year Cameron recalled, “At a few points in the semester, both Tanner and I felt extremely overwhelmed by the amount of schoolwork we had and the number of sessions we were taking on each week, so we decided to cut back on our photography a bit.” During school months they don’t schedule sessions on a weekend before a test so they have time to prepare, and only one or two sessions on their free weekends. As finals approach they plan on cutting back even more until the end of the semester, but with summer will be taking on full-time scheduling of sessions.

The Studio:

The studio specializes in on-site wedding, family, engagement and senior photography. Most of the sessions they do is natural light, on-site photography, but they just purchased and received new equipment for an indoor wedding session they have booked in May. They plan on offering more indoor studio-style sessions along with the on-site photography when classes let out in May. As of right now a larger portion of sessions they do have been for families, but they also do senior and couple shoots regularly.



These sessions are typically one to two hours long and include hair/make-up services and outfit changes. Since no two weddings are the same, prices are tailored to the scale of the wedding and the bride and grooms wants. All packages include a CD with color and black and white versions of the edited images from the session and the copyright release so that you can get your photos printed where, when, and how you would like to within two weeks of the session.


Sessions Starting Price Number of Edited Images
Family $150 30
Senior $175 75
Sweetheart/Engagement $175 50



Cameron and Tanner have recently started a blog to give advice and tips on photo sessions, photography, and editing. Cameron completed the first blog entry, Senior Portrait Q and A, on April 07, 2016. The blog covers what to wear, hairstyling, editing blemishes, rain checks and what you should bring along. The couple has plans to continue the blog to help not only their customers but anyone preparing for a session or in the photography business.

How to Contact:

Cameron and Tanner can be reached by messaging on one of the studio’s many pages; on Facebook, Instagram or by email at

Milestone Studios Photography has the ability to grow along with its young talented owners.

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Four Tips For College Finals

With finals and graduation approaching, it isn’t breaking news that college students are starting to become more stressed then they ever have before. To help avoid as much unneeded stress as possible, try these tricks.
1) Flash Cards
Flash Cards are primarily used for memorizing vocabulary words or simple facts that are forgotten the second that the test leaves the student’s mind. However, these nifty little cards can be utilized to remember almost any fact, question or thought and can conveniently fit inside a pocket to be taken anywhere for studying on the go.
2) Sleep
Those all-night study sessions the night before a final can actually cause more harm than help. The lack of sleep hinders the hippocampus from reciting all the facts a person had crammed inside the night before. Students should get a well-rested night’s sleep before exams.
 3) Seek Help
There are many ways that students can receive the help they need to pass their finals. Professors are always willing to answer questions for their classes. The school also offers help through peer and professional tutors in the Academic Success Center below the library.
4) Relax!!!
Lastly, relax. Not everyone will ace their finals, but that’s okay. Study hard, but remember to take breaks.
A glass of water only seems to get heavier the longer a person holds it.


Click here to look at the Academic Success Center webpage.

Click here to find contact information for the Academic Success Center’s Staff

Click here to practice the Accuplacer Test.

Click here to look at the Academic Success Center’s Tutor page.

Batman V. Superman Review

By Morgan Dyche

Not too long ago I decided to go to the movies. I paid for my ticket, bought some popcorn, and then I took my seat. I then proceeded to spend the next 2 hours and 33 minutes of my life watching a screen that was nothing but a giant middle finger pointing at me, and by that I mean I saw Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I will go on record and say that I have not been excited or interested in this film from the moment they announced it. Mainly because I am not a fan of director Zack Snyder, but that’s another story for another day. It’s safe to say that I didn’t have high expectations for this film.

With that, I can honestly say that this film is just another popcorn flick. It exists on the sole purpose of getting people to buy tickets and popcorn. Even worse, it isn’t a very good popcorn film.

This is probably one of the most boring superhero movies I’ve ever seen. The plot is absolutely nonsensical and the haphazard editing doesn’t help that at all. The worst part about this film though is the fact that none of the characters are likeable at all.

The overly dark nature of the film makes it hard for me to get behind and care about the characters. I’m not saying that the acting was bad, many of the performances are great. Ben Affleck is an absolutely awesome Batman. The problem is the characterization of Batman. Actually, the problem is all of the characters.

I’m pretty sure Batman would use his “World’s Greatest Detective” badge and actually find a reason to fight Superman other than just to sell movie tickets. This movie’s plot could have been solved if all of the characters just sat down together and had a conversation, but instead they are all too stupid so they just fight.

I’m also disappointed that Lex Luther’s part wasn’t bigger in the film. Even when he is in the film, he is kind of speaking nonsense.

Now I know that everyone is saying this, but I can’t avoid it because it is true. The best part of the film is the end fight. It truly is an awesome fight. Snyder can really shoot an action sequence, but he shouldn’t base his movies on one fight scene. It just doesn’t work like that.

All and all, the film is good for a mindless trip to the theater, but that’s about it. This is a really disappointing introduction to DC Comic’s film universe and honestly makes me even more hesitant about Suicide Squad than I already was. I have some words of advise to Warner Bros. when it comes to their superhero movies… “Stop giving Zack Snyder money!”

The Dead Walk!


Photo By Morgan Dyche Students take time away from HvZ to portray the intensity of the game and how it feels to be sought by zombies.

Mayhem and paranoia spread across campus last week as students planned survival strategies for the impending zombie apocalypse. Students armed themselves with Nerf guns, socks and marshmallow ammunition.  Blue prints were developed and the shortest, safest routes were mapped out to maximize the human’s chances of survival. Alliances were being built and sacrifices were planned to increase chances of winning.

The distrust started early on. Many felt  unable to  trust their friends. Sunday, April 17 kicked off the opening event of Humans Verses Zombies, the most exciting game of tag.

B.J. Sires, a sophomore,said that Humans versus Zombies resulted in him running from doorway to doorway, armed with a Nerf gun, scared and paranoid last year. His anxiety was high, yet he enjoyed every minute playing.  His will to survive and win the game fueled his strength. He trusted only a small group of friends, and they moved in a circle formation, Nerf guns at the ready. Traveling to class was an ordeal. Humans avoided the quad and utilized the safety of doorways and buildings.

Missions were required daily and heightened the chances of turning into a zombie.  Zombies were everywhere while you were capturing the cure, saving the humans, and avoiding sudden walking death.

Geeks and Gamers Club  hosted the 7th annual Human verses Zombies competition at Potomac State and the students were prepared. Ian Robinson Geeks and Gamers Co-President is excited to see the magnitude of response to the event. Over 98 people signed up to participate.  Many students find playing with the dead helps revive them from their end of semester blues.

The buzz amongst the students had been building for several weeks. It’s a tradition that Geeks and Gamers are proud to bring back to the students. They were able to seek funding for the event from a grant passed by the SGA. Geeks and Gamers were be able to provide a great event with an end-of-event pizza party.

Gnarwhal Studios founded the game in 2005. The internationaly- recognized game is free to play and available for anyone who wants to host or participate. The goal of the game is for the humans to survive the week on campus surrounded by hordes of zombies, while completing “capture the flag” type missions, classes, and regular campus life. The outbreak starts with two Original Zombies, their goal as patient zero is to infect as many humans as possible.  Only the game moderators know who the OZs are, and they remain human during the game.

IMG_4750 (1)

Photo by Gale VanHouten Students gather in the Union for Wednesday night’s mission.

This year the OZs were revealed as B.J. Sires and Gale Vanhouten, and later in the week, Dr. Brown and Antonio Rascon.  Shelby Shockey was horrified to learn B.J and Gale were the OZs and felt absolutely betrayed. “I trusted you! I can’t believe I trusted both of you,” shouted Shelby after she was tagged by Sires.

A panel of moderators regulate the game. This year’s game master was Ian Robinson and his panel of moderators were Brandon Borrer, Iain Feezle, Shawn Bishop, and Brandon Lee. Their job was to be sure the students were playing fair, safely and adhering to the rules.  Zombies have won four of the six completions, but the humans were strong this year, and  managed to grab this year’s win.

To Join Geeks and Gamers please visit the Student Organization Page

Official Humans Vs Zombies website.

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Censorship versus Creativity


Image result for censorship pics

By Tim VanHouten

Where does the line between censorship and free speech exist for you? The website (media.okstate) defines censorship as the “Official prohibition or restriction of any type of expression believed to threaten the political, social, or moral order. It may be imposed by governmental authority local or national, by a religious body, or occasionally by a powerful group.

These are my questions: Are we getting denied the chance to expand our skills of analytical thinking to keep from being offended or offending others or fear of being wrong, and how can we be expected to grow as individuals and be leaders if we are not allowed to think for ourselves.

Free speech in speaking and writing is imperative to increasing our analytical thinking skills in addition to the development of new ideas. Consider censorship as being force-fed information. You will only know what you are allowed to know. That does not help us advance as a species. We are hard-wired to be thinkers, to overcome obstacles and to be innovative.

Image result for censorship pics

Photo courtesy of Google

In the United States there are campuses that uninvite speakers, refuse comedian acts, and silence their students when they question the acts of the status quo. At Rutgers, Condoleezza Rice was protested till she withdrew; comedians have to “sell” their acts at NACA (National Association of Campus Activities) before being accepted on the college circuit and Hayden Barnes at Valdosta State University was threatened with expulsion for protesting the building of a parking garage with student fees.

Do not allow yourself to fall prey to these circumstances. Read something you find offensive, watch a movie that you find disturbing or listen to a person who doesn’t share your ideology. Without the freedom of free speech, technology will become stagnant, social causes will not to be fought, and groundbreaking discoveries will go unfounded.

We can’t allow that kind of oppression to go on unchallenged.

Image result for censorship pics

Photo courtesy of

McNeill’s Rangers: Remembering the Past

McNeill’s Raid: Remembering the Past with the Present

Employees Recognized_12

Photo courtesy of Potomac State College

Written by Trevor Kesner, contributing writer

Blast from the past comes to Grace United Methodist Church with a presentation by local retired professor Jim Hoey (pictured third from the left) and Gary Clites. Professor Jim Hoey paints the picture of a man and his crew going through the familiar sights of the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. The presentation was given on behalf of the Mineral County Historical Society. The two speakers gave their presentation with much fervor. Their love of history and their research shined through with elaboration on important points and concise delivery. The presentation was content heavy, covering travel routes and giving in depth information for each important figure in history. Amidst this storm of information, the two presenters still found time to sprinkle in trivia. For instance, it was mentioned that future presidents McKinley and Hayes were present near Cumberland at the time of McNeill’s raid. Anyway, the most daring part of McNeill’s career was the primary focus.

WV Pic

Photo courtesy of Google

Modern location on McNeill’s Raid in Cumberland (from Google Maps)

>>>Timeline of the Civil War and McNeill’s Raid


The rangers braved the Union front to capture Union Army Generals Crook and Kelly. As McNeill’s rangers were not officially considered a part of the Confederate Army. They were not respected as soldiers, so any treatment that prisoners of wars would get was not a luxury allowed to them. They would be killed if captured.

Jesse McNeill and his rangers were a partisan force during the Civil War. They were referred to as bushwackers, a term for one who enacts guerilla warfare or fights in a battle of attrition.  Their primary goal was to disrupt Union activities on the east coast. This was presented to the audience through the use of a multi-media presentation. Maps of West Virginia were used in reference to locations where McNeill’s Rangers would have traveled through. The band of 63 men traveled through Frankfort Road to Old Furnace with Crook and Kelly in tow. More information can be read about McNeill’s Rangers here.

McNeill Painting

McNeill and his Rangers by John Paul Strain

The event was packed with a precious information that people should not forget. The way the speakers went about it certainly resonated with the audience. The Mineral County Historical Society seeks to hold more events later on in the year. This event was free and the public can attend any special presentations that may be held in the future.


(Painting above by John Paul Strain)


(Jim Hoey picture by PSC Communications)


Lady Catamounts Looking to Finish Strong

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Photos by Raymond Burner

After a strong season last year that resulted in the team winning its region and district.  The Lady Catamounts also made it all the way to the NJCAA Softball World Series for the first time in school history.  This season, the PSC Softball Team is off to a good start.  Through their first 30 games of the season, they have posted a record of 23-7.  The softball team is also currently undefeated at home.

“We have played very well in spots, and we have also showed weaknesses in some spots,” said Coach Jim Walton of his team’s performance so far this year.  He doesn’t think his team is playing their best softball right now, but they are at a crucial part of their schedule where they need to get some quality wins to help with the seed placement for the tournament at the end of the year.

When asked about standout players so far, Walton was adamant that they have the luxury of having a very deep team.  “Fortunately, we’re very strong throughout our entire lineup, which makes it difficult for opposing coaches on a daily basis.  We have 15 players, and on any given day, any of those 15 can contribute,” said Walton.

Individually speaking, the team does have some leading players.  Currently, the lead hitter is Beth Cook, and on the pitching side, Danica Rodgers, Beth Cook and Josie Clark.

The PSC Softball Team is losing a lot of players after this year.  Walton hopes that the four freshman on the team will return next year.  He has also already signed eight players for next year’s team.  “The new players next year are going to have tough spots to fill because our sophomores this year have played great for us both last year and this year.”

When asked about their chances of having a repeat of last year, Walton said, “Things have to fall in place and all come together when you are playing good competition.”  Walton believes that his team is very capable of having a repeat of last year by making it to the NJCAA Women’s College World Series for the second consecutive year; they just have to play their best softball at the right time.