The Pasquino is the Potomac State College Newspaper.

In its 95th year of publication, the paper has provided students with the opportunity to learn how to write, edit, design and produce a newspaper. Click here to see PDFs of the past and current print edition of the Pasquino.

In March of 2016, this online publication was introduced to provide students with the opportunity to learn how to write and edit for an online edition.  All PSC students are invited to participate in the paper; however, students in the journalism classes are responsible for the writing, editing and production of the paper.


2016 Newspaper Staff:

Tessa Sawyers, Managing Editor

BJ Sires, Design Editor

Page Editors:

Maria Francis

Morgan Dyche

Joclyn Kidwell

Tim Vanhouten

Gale Vanhouten

Courtney Smith


Journalism Adviser:

Amber Butcher is the Journalism Unit Coordinator and adviser for the Pasquino.  The Pasquino office is located at AC308. The phone number is 304-788-6966.  You may send an email through the contact page or to amber.butcher@mail.wvu.edu