PSC’s 5 Core Values

 Jennifer-Orlikoff-PSC.jpg In a soon-to-be released video, Campus President Dr. Jennifer Orlikoff describes five core values for a successful campus community.

1. Service

  Orlikoff shares the importance of being service oriented. She expressed that “we create a welcoming campus community” with an above and beyond attitude to help others.

 2. Curiosity

  Curiosity encourages one to ask questions and to seek new knowledge. It also embraces problem-solving and critical thinking. “Curiosity is my favorite core value.” 

 3. Respect

   “We respect each other. We respect each other’s ideas and opinions. We respect each other’s background and cultural heritage. With respect, we have a united and inclusive campus.”

 4. Accountability

  This core value stresses the need for responsibility. “Probably the most difficult one, but it is so important to the smooth functioning of the campus.”

 5. Appreciation

  Appreciation is important to embrace and encourage. “With appreciation, we find joy in each other, we celebrate each other’s accomplishments, and we recognize the value that everyone brings to this campus.”