Study Tips For A Better Exam Experience

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Did you ever have one of those wild and crazy nights trying to prepare for an exam that must be taken the next day?

You are always thinking that there will be plenty of time to jam-pack all that information into your brain.

You finally find time to sit down to study when Murphy’s Law decides to show up, meaning anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.

First, you notice that notes are lost or not as complete as you thought, so you think you will just grab the textbook to finish the notes. Then you remember that you lent the book out and have not gotten it back.

Finally, you get the book only to realize that time has run out for any possible studying.

Most of us have had an incident like this, and we promised ourselves that it will never happen again.

Try a few of these helpful hints that can help you have a more positive exam experience.

Sleep is very important for the mind, body and soul. Getting a full night’s sleep will play a major role in the outcome of your exam.

  • Give yourself enough time to study.

Don’t wait until the last minute. Some students love the cramming, but this is not the best way to get ready for an exam. Take a few minutes to study every day. Don’t wait until the last minute to try and catch up on all your reading.

  • Organize your study space.

Make sure there is enough space to spread out your books and notes. Try and get rid of all distractions and possible interruptions.

Get comfortable so the ability to focus will be better achieved. For some people, this means silence; for others, background music helps.

Some individuals need everything to be neat and organized to concentrate, while others do better in a more chaotic setting.

  • Organize study groups with friends.

Studying with friends can create a more relaxed atmosphere.

Keep your body and brain fueled by choosing foods that help with memory and the ability to focus such as nuts, berries and yogurt.

Sugar may seem tempting, but it won’t help in an hour or so.

You may be surprised to know that “A” students get tutoring!  Don’t be shy to get help.