Potomac State Catamounts Boys’ Basketball Ends With A 17-7 Record

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Written by Aleeya Mayo

The Potomac State Catamounts boys’ basketball team ended their 2016-2017 regular season with a 17-7 record. With a total of 24 games, the team put up an impressive number of 1,592points this season, averaging about 66 points per game. At home, they won 9 games and only lost 1; the Catamounts definitely fed off their home court advantage. They won 8 games away, but they unfortunately lost 5, bringing in the end of their season with a clear sweep of more wins than losses.

The high point holder of the season, Justin Milstead, finished with a whopping 291 points.

“I feel as though we did a pretty good job this year, especially us being mostly all freshman on the team,” Milstaed said. The Catamounts highest point game this season was at The Community College of Beaver, where they put up 117 points.

The Catamounts will enter a tournament during spring break.