Opinion: Student Argues that Student Parents Need Resources on Campus

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   Students with children face many obstacles that traditional students do not. Sick children and public school delays or cancellations are just some of the things that student parents face. Potomac State College could address this issue with on-campus daycare.

   With the stress of college, being a student is even harder for parents. A student parent often does not get two straight hours of study time or the chance to join study groups. Children get sick and need their parents; parents can’t tell their children to wait until after a test to get sick! Though wonderful, children are demanding.

   PSC can justify the expense of having a daycare facility on campus by allowing child development and elementary education majors to work in the daycare for work study or as a part of an internship. Both opportunities allow students in these fields to boost their resumes, offering them a college experience that will make a difference in finding a job easier post-graduation.

   Students and employees with children could receive an affordable rate. PSC could offer to work around students’ and faculty’s schedules to allow these parents to have a reliable daycare when they need it.

   According to teenpregnacystatistics.org, less than two percent of young parents will get a college degree.

    The Institute for Women’s Policy Research states: “Over a quarter (26 percent) of all undergraduate students, or 4.8 million students, are raising dependent children…Students with children are especially unlikely to complete a certificate or degree within six years of enrollment, with only 33 percent attaining a degree or certificate in that time.” If PSC made it easier for students with children, more people could beat the statistic of being a college dropout due to parenthood.

   West Virginia University has a daycare on campus, child care assistance, parent education and many more services for WVU students who are also parents. WVU offers these resources to an estimated 4,760 student parents. They also offer activities that students can bring their children to. 

   PSC’s slogan is “Realize What’s Possible”. By adding an on campus daycare and resources for student parents, a whole new set of demographics could indeed realize what’s possible.

“I think there is great potential for PSC to be a place for everyone equally, whether you’re a traditional or nontraditional student,” said PSC student mom Holly Wegman.