The Humans of Potomac State Assignment

Journalism 225 is a class that offers insight on how to use certain media tools and apply them to everyday life. Students recently did a lesson on photography and interviewing others. Their assignment, which went along with the lesson, resembled the idea that Brandon Stanton began in 2010.

Stanton, a photographer, took to the streets of New York City to capture stories through his lens. He not only took photos, but also asked these people of New York deep questions about their lives.

Stanton began to post these photos along with the story behind who the person was on his blog known today as “Humans of New York.”

After collecting hundreds of stories, Stanton wrote a book inspired from his blog. The book can be found at PSC’s Mary F. Shipper Library.

With the success of his blog and book, Stanton has become an icon. He has given interviews with news outlets like NPR on the challenges of interviewing strangers and has even listed some of his favorite stories he’s captured.

The students of journalism 225 prepared for this assignment by watching a video of Stanton explaining how he handles interviewing strangers.

The stories the student’s found showcase the diversity of PSC. So sit back and relax as you read more about our wonderful student’s in “Humans of Potomac State.”

Read the entries under the “Humans of Potomac State” on this site.