PSC Student to Be Published in Local Literary Journal


Diana Cayton is being published for the first time.


   Potomac State College student Diana Cayton is going to have a story published in the “Backbone Mountain Review”, a local literary journal in Frostburg, Maryland. The “Backbone Mountain Review” showcases essays, poems, prose and artwork. Cayton is a sophomore majoring in English.

   An excerpt from Cayton’s story reads:

  “He looks her up and down, from her matted hair to her stained clothing and track mark riddled arms. “We don’t need your kind around here,” he says, wrinkling his nose, “And we certainly don’t need that filth.” Gesturing to the word she had painted across the bricks. He snaps handcuffs on her wrists, quite roughly even though she holds her arms out to him with no struggle. He shoves her in the back of the car and wipes his hands on his uniform as if he’s touched something dirty….”

   Titled “4 Letters”, the story explores the disease of addiction and how people treat those battling addiction as second-rate citizens. She has submitted multiple pieces of her work to many different places. This was the first piece to be published.

   Cayton began writing as a child once she physically learned to write because she wanted to create her own stories. She writes mostly fiction mystery stories. Her ultimate goal is to be able to support herself financially by writing novels and articles for magazines.

   Cayton said she wrote the fiction piece for Steve Oberlechner’s creative writing class, which is the first creative writing class she has ever taken. She said that Oberlechner is a really fun professor.

   “Having peers look over my writing and getting to look over others’ writing was a good experience,” Cayton said.

   The class gave her the opportunity to get opinions from Oberlechner, who is published, and her peers.She added that having multiple sets of eyes to look over a story helps the editing process immensely.

   A release party with readings for the 2017 edition of the “Backbone Mountain Review” is set to be held on March 26.