SGA President Gives State of the Association


SGA President Nick Imes.

State of the Association

To the students and faculty of Potomac State College:

Since taking the lead of the SGA in August, we have made some significant changes to our constitution. We have altered some of the official duties of the vice president as well as adding some new positions to our legislative and executive board. The most exciting change is definitely the addition of a new representative to help promote diversity. Our campus is one the most diverse campuses in West Virginia, and we are proud of it. Daisy Wiltorut has been elected to fill the new position, and she is eager to help change PSC in a positive way. Another success from last semester was our hosting of the Veteran’s Day Breakfast. We had a great turnout and were proud to host such brave men and women who are more than deserving of our small gesture of appreciation. Earlier this semester we hosted a very successful blood drive and collected around 46 units of blood.

This semester we are excited to get to work on our improvements to campus. New benches will be added to the Quad as well as study tables. In doing this we want to encourage students to utilize these outdoor spaces for studying. We also are going to make sidewalk crossings more accessible near the Student Union. The college has plans down the road to increase security on campus by adding some more cameras. We are currently making plans to ensure Quadfest will be exciting and a fun way to blow off some end-of-the year stress. We are open to suggestions and want to have the best activities.

Grants are still available to interested clubs. We want to encourage groups to take advantage of this to increase activities and events.  In order to do so, a grant application form can be printed from our page on the school website. Fill it out and turn it in to Dr. Brown, our advisor, or at the SGA office in the basement of the Union.

The open SGA Meetings will be March 14th, March 28th, April 11th, and April 25th at 4:00 p.m. in the upstairs of the Student Union. All students are encouraged to attend and express their concerns. We are excited to hear what the students have to stay. We work for them and want to make Potomac State a fun place to learn, grow, and succeed.

I wanted to thank each and every member of the SGA for their time and effort they put into our activities. Without their help we could not achieve what we have so far. I look forward to continue working with all of them as we conclude this school year.



Nickolas Imes

SGA President