PSC Student Boards Horse on Campus


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By: Corrisa Connor, Staff Writer

Potomac State College of West Virginia University has offered the unique opportunity for students to board their horses on the campus barn since 2014. This year, Mighty Executive Ace or, known by his owner, Brianna Giargiano, as Ace, is residing at the campus barn.

Horses have always been a part of Giargianos’ life. She’s been riding since the age of three, and began formal riding lessons at age six. She has trained in every discipline including barrel racing, jumping, equitation, and pleasure classes.

Giargiano is an equine production and management major. She has worked with thoroughbred breeding programs at O’Sullivin Farms in Charlestown, West Virginia. and Audley Farms in Berryville, Virginia and hopes to have her own training farm of thoroughbreds in the future.

“Because my life and degree are so much about horses I wanted to bring him up to college and work with him and make sure he is always in good hands and in great shape. As an athlete I want him to stay on his toes and be as healthy as he would be at home. It is always a pleasure going up to the barn and watching his willingness and excitement to work,” stated Giargiano.

Giargiano received six-month-old Ace as a birthday and Christmas present from her grandparents at age 11. She and her grandfather started to train Ace as a hunter jumper and later would showed him. Due to a bone chip in Aces’ hock Giargiano decided to no longer compete in the jumping division and instead they began barrel racing together and have won the following shows; the 2015 West Virginia 05 Champion Youth 3d, the 2013 Grand Champion English Horse at Miller Farms and, the 2013 Grand Champion of the English Senior Division at Berkley Youth Fair.

Though balancing school work and caring for Ace can be hectic, Giargiano believes that if you manage your time responsibly, you’ll be fine. There is also the reward of comfort having your horse with you on campus.