SGA Raising Money for Security Cameras

The Potomac State College Student Government Association is currently raising funds to support the installation of security cameras on the quad and surrounding areas.

“I think we should have more eyes on campus. Theft and accidents in the parking lots are our main concern,” said SGA President Nick Imes.

“More eyes” is what the campus needed this time last year. Richard A Smith aka “Champ,” a retiree of PSC was robbed in the underground of the student union. Cases like this could have been discouraged if cameras were present.

Some people on campus do not believe cameras provide security. Jahvon Tolbert, a PSC student athlete, is uneasy with the decision. “It makes me feel like I am being watched,” said Tolbert, “I think campus police do a fine job keeping campus crime-free and safe.”

“Crime-free” is not an all-inclusive description of the quad. Students have complained of the smell and smoke of cannabis.

“We hope security cameras will discourage PSC residents from openly smoking cannabis on campus,” said Imes.

For better or worse, it appears security cameras could eventually make their way onto the quad and surrounding areas.  To support the SGA’s installation of security cameras or to express concerns, attend the SGA’s open meeting Dec. 16 from 5 to 6 p.m.

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