PSC Students Attend Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire


Group of 22 PSC students who attended the Renaissance Faire.

Good Morrow! Ye Potomac State College students traveled yonder to the Shire of Mount Hope Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire to rejoice in thy infectious celebration of King Henry Tudor’s coronation.

On Oct. 15 Professor Armentrout took a group of 22 students to the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire located in Manheim, Pennsylvaia. Armentrout has been organizing student trips to the Renaissance Faire for close to a decade.

“The annual English/Honors Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire trip is always a fun day of great entertainment and food, but it also gives everyone on the trip a chance to take a step back in time and almost feel like they are walking in an Elizabethan village,” said Armentrout.

“I love how many of the students who go on the trip have never experienced a Ren Faire before, but after our trip they decide to make this experience a fall tradition for themselves and their families even after they graduate from PSC.”

Each year the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire sets a new scenario for the season. The 2016 season scenario takes place in the year 1509. King Henry VII, victor of the War of the Roses and founder of the Tudor dynasty, has died. His eldest son Arthur, who was to have taken his place, has also succumbed to illness. And so England’s throne and future now falls to the king’s second son: Henry Tudor.

The Faire is open every weekend from Aug. 6 to Oct. 30, and each weekend offers a different theme, like Myths and Legends or Heroes of the Realm. Halloween Daze and Spooky Knights was the weekend theme for the PSC group. This theme entailed a costume contest, trick or treating in the shire and pumpkin decorating.

Professor Pritts attended the Faire in full period costume. “This was the first year I have gone on the trip and I loved traveling back in time with my students,” Pritts said.
The Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire and Shire of Mount Hope offers a wide range of entertainment and the chance to travel back in time annually. Over 90 musical, stunt and theatrical acts are performed daily.

View the Faire’s Photography Contest Webpage to see prize winning shots of the Faire’s activities.