Nicholas Imes is New SGA President


Photo By: Caden Walters

By Molly Browning

Nicholas Imes, the newly elected Student Government Association president, is eager to begin making a difference on campus. As the new president, Imes has set goals in hopes of creating a cleaner, safer and more enjoyable campus for students and staff.

Part of Imes’ plans are to put more tables and benches on the Quad. Another goal is to plan more on-campus activities and make the campus a safer place.

“Overall, I want to help make Potomac State feel safer and cleaner,” said Imes.

He believes that installing more security cameras will reduce and discourage crime on campus.

“If we make this effort, I feel we can encourage a lot of new students to choose our school.”

Imes stated that if cost and resources weren’t an issue, a major change he would make would be to purchase lots in the neighboring area to provide more parking for students. He would also like to completely rebuild Science Hall, making it new and more efficient.

Another one of Imes’ goals is to hear the requests of the students and help create the campus they’d want to live on. Imes stays in touch with students by attending events, reading the Pasquino, and by encouraging students to attend the SGA meetings.

The SGA holds meetings that allow students to get involved. In these meeting students have the opportunity to hear about activities on campus and to state things that they would like to see changed.

Meetings are located in the Student Union SGA office. Dates can be found on the Potomac State College website under the calendar link. The meetings are also a good place for students to learn what the SGA does on campus.

The SGA is responsible for planning certain events, delegating funds, and listening to the needs of students. Organizations with the SGA receive funding by applying for grants. This money goes toward clubs, organizations and fun activities on campus.

The SGA has also sponsored charity events and scholarships in the past. Many students are unaware of the influences SGA has on their campus, but this association impacts many aspects of student life.