An African-American Student Finds PSC Diverse and Welcoming


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By Toniqua Hubert, Staff Writer

Transitioning from a historically black college/university to a predominately white institute was completely smoother than I expected.

   At Benedict College, everyone was family oriented, making it feel like home. When I transferred to Potomac State College, I feared being unaccepted.

   Being unaccepted was a fear of mine because prior to attending PSC, I’d seen things in the media about African-American students being verbally abused by Caucasians at different schools. A few incidents occurred at the University of Missouri during the fall of 2015. One involved a set of roommates; another involved the football players. Incidents at Kansas State University involved social media this semester.

   PSC racial composition is 76% Caucasian, 15% African-American, 3% Hispanic, less than 1%  American Indian/Alaskan Native, less than 1% Asian, less than 1% Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, and 3% Multiracial.

   PSC welcomed me with open arms by having different programs on campus that I can participate in freely and comfortably.

   Growing up in a black community, my dream has always been to make a change and to break barriers set for African-Americans. Education, work, and social barriers need to broken.

   Before classes start at PSC, a Student Organization Fair is hosted on the Quad. There I had the chance to meet different people and learn about the opportunities at the school.

   One organization I found interesting was the Black Student Alliance. At the first meeting, I was honored with the presidential role. As the president, it’s my duty to help set goals/standards and get involved with the PSC community. I’ve also been granted the vice president role for the Residence Hall Association. RHA is a student-run organization, so one of my objectives is to get BSA involved with them as well.

   Not only am I joining organizations, but I am slowly becoming acclimated to the campus. I am stepping out of my comfort zone a little and viewing things from different perspectives