Four Tips For College Finals

With finals and graduation approaching, it isn’t breaking news that college students are starting to become more stressed then they ever have before. To help avoid as much unneeded stress as possible, try these tricks.
1) Flash Cards
Flash Cards are primarily used for memorizing vocabulary words or simple facts that are forgotten the second that the test leaves the student’s mind. However, these nifty little cards can be utilized to remember almost any fact, question or thought and can conveniently fit inside a pocket to be taken anywhere for studying on the go.
2) Sleep
Those all-night study sessions the night before a final can actually cause more harm than help. The lack of sleep hinders the hippocampus from reciting all the facts a person had crammed inside the night before. Students should get a well-rested night’s sleep before exams.
 3) Seek Help
There are many ways that students can receive the help they need to pass their finals. Professors are always willing to answer questions for their classes. The school also offers help through peer and professional tutors in the Academic Success Center below the library.
4) Relax!!!
Lastly, relax. Not everyone will ace their finals, but that’s okay. Study hard, but remember to take breaks.
A glass of water only seems to get heavier the longer a person holds it.


Click here to look at the Academic Success Center webpage.

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