The Dead Walk!


Photo By Morgan Dyche Students take time away from HvZ to portray the intensity of the game and how it feels to be sought by zombies.

Mayhem and paranoia spread across campus last week as students planned survival strategies for the impending zombie apocalypse. Students armed themselves with Nerf guns, socks and marshmallow ammunition.  Blue prints were developed and the shortest, safest routes were mapped out to maximize the human’s chances of survival. Alliances were being built and sacrifices were planned to increase chances of winning.

The distrust started early on. Many felt  unable to  trust their friends. Sunday, April 17 kicked off the opening event of Humans Verses Zombies, the most exciting game of tag.

B.J. Sires, a sophomore,said that Humans versus Zombies resulted in him running from doorway to doorway, armed with a Nerf gun, scared and paranoid last year. His anxiety was high, yet he enjoyed every minute playing.  His will to survive and win the game fueled his strength. He trusted only a small group of friends, and they moved in a circle formation, Nerf guns at the ready. Traveling to class was an ordeal. Humans avoided the quad and utilized the safety of doorways and buildings.

Missions were required daily and heightened the chances of turning into a zombie.  Zombies were everywhere while you were capturing the cure, saving the humans, and avoiding sudden walking death.

Geeks and Gamers Club  hosted the 7th annual Human verses Zombies competition at Potomac State and the students were prepared. Ian Robinson Geeks and Gamers Co-President is excited to see the magnitude of response to the event. Over 98 people signed up to participate.  Many students find playing with the dead helps revive them from their end of semester blues.

The buzz amongst the students had been building for several weeks. It’s a tradition that Geeks and Gamers are proud to bring back to the students. They were able to seek funding for the event from a grant passed by the SGA. Geeks and Gamers were be able to provide a great event with an end-of-event pizza party.

Gnarwhal Studios founded the game in 2005. The internationaly- recognized game is free to play and available for anyone who wants to host or participate. The goal of the game is for the humans to survive the week on campus surrounded by hordes of zombies, while completing “capture the flag” type missions, classes, and regular campus life. The outbreak starts with two Original Zombies, their goal as patient zero is to infect as many humans as possible.  Only the game moderators know who the OZs are, and they remain human during the game.

IMG_4750 (1)

Photo by Gale VanHouten Students gather in the Union for Wednesday night’s mission.

This year the OZs were revealed as B.J. Sires and Gale Vanhouten, and later in the week, Dr. Brown and Antonio Rascon.  Shelby Shockey was horrified to learn B.J and Gale were the OZs and felt absolutely betrayed. “I trusted you! I can’t believe I trusted both of you,” shouted Shelby after she was tagged by Sires.

A panel of moderators regulate the game. This year’s game master was Ian Robinson and his panel of moderators were Brandon Borrer, Iain Feezle, Shawn Bishop, and Brandon Lee. Their job was to be sure the students were playing fair, safely and adhering to the rules.  Zombies have won four of the six completions, but the humans were strong this year, and  managed to grab this year’s win.

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