PSC’s 4th Annual STEM Festival: A Celebration of Science

By Caden Walters, Staff Writer

The buzzing of the drone filled the air as Potomac State held the fourth annual STEM festival on April 2. STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The free event featured many interesting groups that submitted proposals, unveiled various contraptions, and held workshops. Many people will tell you that the STEM festival is a “celebration of science.”

Workshops were held for K-12 students and members of the community.  Many different activities were available, ranging from agriculture to the biomechanics of the human body. People from across the community joined in and helped participate and run the event.

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Photos Courtesy of PSC Communications Department and Caden Walters

Biology professors, Sheri Chisholm and Vicki Huffman, provided an interactive way of learning with their hands-on microbiology and anatomy workshops. Here, students gained a new perspective while working with and examining the organ systems and other displays.

Children from across the county had the opportunity to talk with Alana Hartman of the WV Department of Environmental Protection.

Five students from the Engineering Club worked together to submit a functional drone for the festival. The drone is a quad copter, which features four spinning blades manipulated by a wireless remote that controls its flight and suspension.

Before the event, only a wooden mock-up of the finished product was built. However, access to the library’s 3D printer brought the project to life. Students printed parts of the drone and assembled them together.

“One hundred percent of the project is built by us,” said Rob Morehouse, student and leader of the drone assignment. “The only thing outside of our creation is the code used for programming the device.”

If the STEM festival really is a celebration of science, PSC knows how to do it right.