Antonio Rascon’s Leaving PSC, but His Spirit Will Stay

By Maria FrancisPage Editor

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Photos Courtesey of Antonio Rascon

At the end of this year, Antonio Rascon will have ended his twelve-year career at Potomac State in order to move to State College, Pennsylvania.

He is the operator of most of the activities that you are probably involved in. He overlooks the Underground of the Student Union.  He oversees intramurals and organizes trips and recreational activities on and off campus.

Rascon is from a small town in the North of Spain called Soraluze but moved to a city called Valladolid before coming to the United States in 1992.

Many students were upset about the prospect of losing “Late Night” in the Student Union. “We were short on manpower,” said Rascon. “After Jeremy [Kaler] left, we didn’t have enough people willing to run it.”

He said he likes the idea of the petition to bring it back, but it’s “not like we didn’t want to do it anymore.”

Rascon did his best, however, to bring something to the Student Union at least once a week with Fun Night, which is a great way for students to socialize, make crafts and eat food on Thursday evenings.


A picture of the turn out of an activity on campus. Students gathered to the student loft to play Bingo, Tuesday April 26 at 8:00 p.m.
Photo Courtesy of Antonio Rascon

On top of this all-day job, Rascon is also a student, taking classes at PSC. He takes English and Anthropology classes.

“The best part of this job is when the students appreciate what you do,” said Rascon. “It’s hard when people get out of control; you need to know how to handle a situation before it turns into a bad one.” As he pulled up a video of an intramural basketball game in 2009 that turned ugly fast, he said, “I cannot predict what is going to happen.”

“Antonio is genuinely a good guy,” said Morgan Dyche, student and co-president of the Geeks and Gamers Club, which Antonio is the adviser. “He is always willing to talk and do something for other people.”

“I really enjoy working with young people,” Rascon said. “I really think I am fit for this kind of job.”