Summer Internships

By Joclyn Kidwell, Staff Writer

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Joclyn Kidwell doing a stream assessment for the WV DEP during the 2015 summer.


   Students can earn money and advance career options at the same time with internships.   Internships are available; you just have to know where to look. In the summer of 2015, I was lucky enough to land an internship with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. This has been very rewarding because I have gotten to work for the past year in a field that I love. It’s a paid internship, and I get to rub elbows with my future colleagues.

   Don’t wait for the internship to come to you. Go look for it! Whether its business marketing, criminal justice or agriculture, try to find an internship that will give you experience. Many companies may not even think about interns.

   Take a resume and copy of your transcripts to businesses. No matter how small the job might seem, it will be worth it to get your foot in the door. If you’re interested in communications, radio stations are great place to look. If you’re interested in the medical field, go to some doctor offices. I’m sure by now you get the point, but you have to get out there. Most importantly be confident. Let them know that you could be an asset to their business.

   The West Virginia Governor’s Office has a website that places interns into positions within the state department. That website is All of these positions are paid internships. So not only are you getting a paycheck, but also you’re getting your foot into the door of a state job.