PSC’s Unique Digs


Photo Credit: Peyton Hartman

By Gale Vanhouten

Potomac State College caters to a diverse student body. Some students find themselves loving the amenities that the college offers and some desire more. Students on the quad were asked what they love about PSC and what the college lacks.
Cassie Kidder, an upperclassman, CHEERS the concert and bands hosted by the college and would love to see more of those activities. Angela Kenney, freshman, CHEERS “PSC is close to home.” She CHEERS fun night hosted by the work-studies and student activities such as bowling. JEERs: The lack of other foreign languages and more student activities for commuters.

Lea Baker, a sophomore, could not CHEER enough praise for Antonio Rascon, the Director of Student Activities, and the amount of work he does for the student body and activities for them. JEERS: Late night is gone.

Shawn Bishop, a sophomore, CHEERS the views that are unique to the campus and he “finds that they are some of the most enjoyable in the area.” He also “enjoys being surrounded by nature.”

Katlyn Eichenbaum, a freshman, CHEERS the student- teacher ratio. The small ratio makes her feel important to her professors. She JEERS campus laundry services. Washing a load of laundry can easily cost $5, and she complains that the machines are not in working order. CHEERS: PSC offers a vast array of amenities to an extremely diverse population; many things on the campus are absolutely unique to us. The professors here are some of the best and offer a great learning experience and personal growth.

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