More Journalism Opportunities at PSC


     The Journalism and Communication fields are expanding at Potomac State College. Amber Butcher, journalism professor, has helped to put changes into motion to expand and improve the journalism experience at PSC.

     The Pasquino has expanded to Twitter and online. Tessa Sawyers, editor, has designed and is managing the Pasquino Twitter account. Please follow her @pscpasquino.

     The Pasquino is also online(as you can see). Students are learning how to write for online papers.

     Take time to read more in-depth articles, student blogs alumni spotlights, and see photos and videos about the topics discussed in the printed version.

     Guest writers for both print and online are encouraged to submit articles to           or stop by the Pasquino office in AC308.

     Students will also have the opportunity to learn about radio broadcast and production on campus. PSC will host a low-power FM radio station at Catamount Place. The station will be managed by the Mineral County Historical Society and will provide opportunities for students and staff to produce program segments such as news, sports, agriculture and history.

     The radio station should be on air and in production by February of 2017. The station will be feature traditional folk music of West Virginia.