Learn how to brew a beer, ride a horse, tie a lure!

By Cara Berryman


I have always had a child-like obsession with horses. When I was younger, I begged my parents for a horse. I was offered a chance to finally live out my dream when I learned about the Equestrian 101 class on campus. I signed up and was presented with a beautiful mare named Allie to ride during the Spring of 2015.

We all know college classes can be boring. We’ve all had that 8:30 a.m. class in which we’ve had to endure a professor’s monotonous lecture, which usually covers things we aren’t even interested in. It seems that the number of boring classes we have to take undermines our college’s ability to offer engaging  classes.If you don’t take the time to research the classes available to you, you might miss the opportunity to make your college experience an enjoyable one. PSC offers many classes that I am exceedingly interested in, and I can still get credit hours to count towards my degree.

Have an interest in science fiction? Sign up for the creative writing class! Enjoy having a beer if you’re of age? Take the home beer-brewing course. If you feel the need to include some exercise into your week,  but don’t want to pay for a gym membership, then check out tennis, basketball or even a coaching class. Karate, Zumba, First-Aid, Study of Dinosaurs, Splendors of Italy, Bowling or even Fly-Fishing are just some of the classes outside of the norm that you might find interesting.

I recommend you take time to look over all the classes with your adviser in order to truly grasp everything available. PSC is a great place with diverse faculty. They want to share their expertise with us, and they can do so with these classes.

There are many ways to make your experience at school a more exciting one, and PSC is a great place to broaden your horizons and make the most out of every aspect of college!

MORE: The PSC Equestrian Club competes.