Blood Drive Memories

By: Trevor Kesner


Blood Drive Photo Bank

I remember waiting in a white room as a child. The nurse would walk in with a syringe, which I found myself staring at. Being the patient and a child, even I could understand what was happening. That thing was going to pierce my arm. Even something so small and thin could induce fear. The anxiety overwhelmed; I started crying.

The horrors of the white room and the manic, stab-happy nurse hardly haunt me now in adulthood. I imagine it is the same for other students at Potomac State College. As I said, I’m not an exception. I may not fear hospitals, but I’m still afraid of needles even today. This fear is what stopped me from donating blood in the Student Union.

I saw students giving blood for the good of others. I remember sitting there in the student union casting cursory glances at people getting their blood drawn. The staff, from what I could see, were very well-mannered and efficient in doing their jobs.

I spoke to Gale Vanhouten, a person on the Legislative Branch of the SGA, for more information.

Vanhouten confirmed my belief that others often do not donate because of their fear of needles. Some people are not willing to donate blood, because they have no direct interest. Since they cannot see their blood in the act of saving someones life, then they may not see a reason to participate. It’s a natural response since it takes a direct choice to donate blood. Of course, that’s not to say that people choosing to donate are doing so because of entirely selfless reasons. Free snacks could be incentive enough for some people.

Blood drives have occurred the past two semesters at PSC, Vanhouten notified me that the SGA takes care of organizing the affair.

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