Library Buys GoPros

The Mary F. Shipper Library at Potomac State College received an Academic Innovation Tech Integration Grant to bring more technology to the school.


From this grant the library has bought four GoPros for students to use for professional reasons. With the GoPros the library purchased a skeleton housing, water proof housing, head and chest mounts, suction cup mounts, and a monopod (selfie stick).

To be able to receive this grant Virginia Kline and Dave Miller had to create a new class, ULIB 293A. Within this class students are required to create a video in their e portfolio.

Some of these videos include showing children how to do a lay up for basketball step-by-step and how to hold a baseball for several different types of pitches.

Students are also encouraged to use these GoPros for projects. “They are for any class or club project,” said Kline.

One example of this is Donald Thorne using the GoPros for a horticulture project. This is one of many ways students at PSC can utilize this source to improve any project.

“Students could use them for horseback riding, pre-medical fields, lab procedures, crime scenes, and elementary education to teach,” said Kline.

These GoPros are one of the first steps PSC is taking to bring the college into the technological era, allowing students to “realize what’s possible” in their perspective fields.

Mary F. Shipper Library

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